Fit and fun activities for kids.

20 fit and fun activities for kids. COVID-19 special edition.

We are living in challenging times. With social distancing rules now in place, many of our children’s physical activities have been cancelled. This includes team sports, dancing lessons, swimming lessons etc. We need to ensure our children remain  physically active for their own wellbeing, while taking the proper precautions to keep them healthy and safe.

Here you can download my top 20 fit and fun activities you can do with your children. Please ensure you follow social distancing rules where appropriate.

Be active. Be safe. Be fit and well!

Sarah x

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About the Author:

Sarah is an experienced and empathetic personal trainer and wellbeing coach. She specialises in personal training and wellbeing coaching for people with additional needs including Autism and other developmental delays. Sarah is a wife and mum to two humorous and cheeky children. One of her children was originally diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum at 2 years of age. Now at 5 years old, that child is diagnosis-free.