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Sarah’s holistic approach to your child’s fitness and wellbeing is results focused. In partnership, we determine what you and your child want to achieve, the action needed to achieve it, and how you and your child are going to maintain their good routine for life.

Membership with the Spectrum Fitness and Wellbeing community entitles you and your child to:

  • The opportunity to provide detailed information about your child including their likes, dislikes, previous exercise experience, goals, favourite music etc. This information is used to create a individually tailored program for your child.

  • A health appraisal to highlight areas of concern or previous injuries as your child’s safety is my top priority.

  • Individually tailored routines, updated monthly to ensure your child remains challenged, motivated and engaged.

  • Access to Sarah for ongoing support and guidance.

  • Access to an online community of like-minded parents where you can share your challenges, achievements and ask questions.

  • Comfort, in knowing you are giving your child the opportunity to become their best self.


Only you can answer that question! But if you feel you need support, guidance and expertise to help improve the fitness and wellbeing of your child, then yes you probably do need a to work with a specialised trainer and coach. But, before committing to a trainer ensure they are fully qualified, registered with Fitness Australia, preferably NDIS registered and that you and your child have good rapport with them. Ask to meet them, chat about their experience and how they can help you and your child. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

No I can’t, but you and your child can! I can provide you and your child with guidance and education to help your child reach their goals and get the results you want for them, but as I’m not with your child 24 hours a day monitoring their every move I cannot guarantee results. I encourage all my community members to take ownership and responsibility for their child’s personal fitness and wellbeing journey – you and your child are the only one who can guarantee results. Encourage your child to put in the effort, and stick with their routine and the results will be amazing.

I have a fully equipped, safe, and sensory stimulating home gym in Kellyville Ridge where my community members love to train. I also train Australia wide via Skype for those who live out of the area. Refer to the Online Coaching page for more information.

I understand that everyone gets sick and things pop up unexpectedly. When you give me 24 hours notice I’m happy to reschedule your session. Members are able to ‘bank’ up to 6 sessions that have been rescheduled. Without 24 hours notice I am unable to reschedule your session. Refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Yes. I run tailored group sessions for schools and sporting groups. Please contact me today to learn more.

No. New personal training clients are asked for a minimum 3 month commitment. This is to ensure you get a good feel for my training and to give your child the best chance to see results. Discounts apply when you commit for 6 or 12 months. Contact me for detailed information on investment amounts.

Yes siblings are welcome. My focus will be on your child participating in the fitness activities so you are required to supervise and entertain siblings. My gym is air conditioned and has a toy box so your other children will be comfortable there.

Simply refer to my calendar to check availability or contact me directly at sarah@spectrumfw.com.

Sarah’s NDIS registration expired in January 2019 as all community members were self or plan managed. Sarah will continue to work with families who are self or plan managed in the future. For specific questions regarding using NDIS funds, please contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110, your plan manager, LAC or Sarah directly at sarah@spectrumfw.com.

Yes I certainly do. An important element of my training includes crossing the mid-line of the body. This action helps to increase neutral pathways which can result in improved speech. I’ve had community members who have started with no words and after a few months, are saying *2 or 3 word sentences.

*These community members have also been attending additional therapy, and practice ABA techniques at home.


Witness your child become their best self.

Flexible membership packages starting from $120 per fortnight to suit all family budgets and schedules.